Securus Challenges GTL to a Products and Services’ Face-Off

Securus Technologies is a market leader in the provision of technological solutions to the US criminal justice system. It has challenged its main competitor is the sector, GTL, to a technology face-off. Securus wants an independent assessment of the technologies offered by it and GTL to determine the best services provider.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus, accused GTL of spinning facts by claiming that their services were as good as those of Securus. He said that it was not fair for GTL to compare its services to those of Securus since the firm had invested over $700 million in improving its services. In comparison, GTL had only made a small fraction of that investment.

According to Smith, Securus is better than GTL on many fronts. For instance, the product set offered by Securus is quite large compared to that of GTL. Besides that, GTL has previously indicated that most of its customer service is outsourced. It is in stark contrast to Securus since the company’s customer service is wholly domestic.

In a test, Securus found that its customer service was 600% better than that of GTL. Another reason why Securus thinks it is better than GTL is that it does not outsource its field technicians like GTL does. An outsourced GTL technician may not have a vested interest in ensuring customer satisfaction like those working for Securus.

An area where Securus is an undisputed leader in is the use of VOIP services. It currently has the largest VOIP platform in the world. The platform is prone to routine upgrades, which enables distribution of services to customers at a lower cost and faster than GTL platforms. The CEO of Securus also said that proof of his company’s quality could be found in customer responses. Customers stated that they found Securus services to be superior to those of GTL.

Todd Lubar’s Journey In The Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC, reveals He ventured into the lucrative real estate industry in 1995. Todd started as a loan originator. During that period, he was working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Lubar gained in depth knowledge on conservative mortgage banking. While at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd had a chance to build relationships with experts in the real estate and mortgage banking industries. Today, these individuals are a significant part of Todd’s referral business. In 1999, Todd secured an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. This opportunity gave him a platform to expand his lending capabilities. He was able to lend loans directly as a mortgage bank and broker to outside investors.

The experience that he had gained from the two firms proved to be invaluable when he decided to establish his own residential development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. The new firm played an instrumental role in facilitating the rapid progress of acquiring, rehabilitating, selling and commercializing over 200 deals that included residential properties of all nature. Through Legendary Properties, Todd was able to interact with building trade professionals. He managed to enlist their services to develop different properties. In addition, Todd’s established close working relationships with major banking facilities where he was able to establish credit lines of up to $20 million.

Striving to take his career in real estate a notch higher, Mr. Lubar founded Charter Funding, which is a division of First Magnus Financial Corporation. This Corporation is one of the largest private mortgage companies in the US. Through Charter Funding, Todd Lubar was able to grow his business given the availability of products and programs. With 12 years in the industry, Todd had acquired a wealth of experience that helped him identify a niche of undeserved clients. He established Legendary Financial LLC, a subsidiary of Legendary Properties LLC. The firm was able to lend loans to both individuals and companies. Todd uses the liquidity of Legendary Properties and his own money to fund a market of borrowers. Most of them are not eligible for traditional lending sources. Through Legendary Financial LLC, Todd was able to complete over 7,000 transactions. Later, the mortgage industry started experiencing major changes. During this period, Todd engaged in the commercial demolition business and recycling of scrap metal.

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Liesl Kenney Gives Updates and Information About Squaw Valley Water

Placer County residents are well aware of the importance of Squaw Valley. The picturesque landscape and great skiing offer a great draw for tourists and a lot of fun for locals as well. However, locals are probably also aware of the general disruption caused by some recent storms. These storms had a heavy impact on many of the Placer County water systems. Squaw Valley found themselves looking at some associated water problems as well. To address these concerns, Liesl Kenney offered an official statement to help keep people informed as to the current situation.


One of the most important points is that Kenney made it clear that no guests had ever accessed tainted water. Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately upon initial concerns over the possibility of contamination during the storms. The issue was eventually identified and isolated as a new water system which had been installed during the summer.


Experts are currently treating and testing the water supply in order to bring it up to full purity. At the moment the water has been cleared of any E. coli. Coliform is present in some parts of the water supply, but only at low levels. And this too is being treated so that it will be absent by the time water is once again available to the public. Kenney stressed that the safety of guests is paramount and that the water supply won’t be open again until it’s been verified as safe by experts.


Additionally, Kenney provided updates on the operating procedures for Squaw Valley. Due to the amount of water needed for cooking, the restaurants will be closed. However, guests will obviously still require clean water for their personal use. As such, guests will be provided with complementary bottled water as desired. Otherwise service in the area will remain unaffected by the water treatment. Additionally, Kenney offered assurances that guests would be alerted when the treatment and testing process was completed.