Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Combine To Provide Efficient Medical Plans Through InnovaCare Health

As a prominent provider of controlled healthcare plans and services in the U.S and Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health aims at creating sustainable health models that are supported by innovative technology and a team of hardworking professionals. As a testament to this, Rick Shinto, the firm’s current CEO, announced the addition of new individuals to InnovaCare Health’s management executive. These include Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer, Jonathan Meyers as the Chief Actuary Officer, and Mike Sortino as the Chief Accounting Officer. This announcement was made in July 2016.

According to Rick Shinto, the addition of these highly qualified individuals will significantly boost InnovaCare’s commitment towards building long-lasting relationships with their clients. Before joining InnovaCare Health in 2012, Rick Shinto had served at Medical Pathways Management Company, Aveta, Cal-Optima Health Plan, MedPartners, and NAMM California in both clinical and administrative roles. In his medical career spanning more than 20 years, Rick Shinto has received various accolades, such as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, as well as the Access to Caring Award in 2014.

Penelope Kokkinides bears a wealth of expertise in the managed care industry coming from over 20 years of specializing in governmental health plans such as Medicaid and Medicare. Before teaming up with Rick Shinto at InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked at AmeriChoice, Touchstone Health, Aveta, and Centerlight Healthcare. She has extensive knowledge in developing healthcare models for corporate entities with a focus on enhancing organizational efficiency and infrastructure.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are charged with the responsibility of managing and regulating the Medicaid and Medicare plans distributed by InnovaCare Health. Together, the two executives aim at making visits to your physician’s office much more pleasurable and affordable. This is why in 2016; the firm joined the U.S Department of Health and Human Services’ initiative to reform the payment models of the health system. This program is known as the Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network. It is a partnership between the public and private sectors to provide top-notch, cost-effective medical services. Read the company overview at Bloomberg.

About InnovaCare Health Solutions

The firm specializes in offering affordable and high-quality medical services to citizens of the U.S and Puerto Rico. It is headquartered in New Jersey and currently has over 7500 employees who cater to its 200,000 members. InnovaCare Health offers two health plans in Puerto Rico through its affiliates; PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. Visit their website at Innovacarehealth.com.

As proof of InnovaCare’s dedication to improving its quality of service and customer protection, in 2011, the company was awarded NCQA accreditation.

Jim Tananbaum: Investing In Tomorrow’s Healthcare

Innovative research and advances in medical technology are important to the entire global population. Recently two websites published short write-ups about a new company that had secured funding to begin production of a new way to treat neurological disorders. The websites were PatientDaily.com and massdevice.com.

The articles both talked about the company Mindstrong Health and the fourteen million dollars they they recently secured in funding for their product. The company secured funding from several companies, with Foresite Capital being the largest contributing investor. Mindstrong Health’s objective is to create a way that allows smartphones to help diagnose and treat several neurological disorders. They will be able to do this by tracking the individual’s habits of typing and scrolling over a specified period of time.

Foresite Capital is a great firm to have as a major contributing investment company and will be a great match for Mindstrong Health. Foresite Capital is headed up by Jim Tananbaum, a leader in the venture capitalist industry. Jim Tananbaum has over 25 years in the industry and founded Foresite Capital in 2010. Prior to starting up Foresite, Jim oversaw several other companies including; Prospect Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures, and Theravance.

Before beginning his career in the venture capital investment industry, Jim attended college at several universities. Jim attended Yale University and earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He also earned his Master’s of Science at MIT, a medical degree at Harvard Medical School, and an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Jim Tananbaum’s career has been an extremely successful one. He has been on the Forbes’ top 100 Best Venture Investors list for the last three years in a row. He has also sat on several advisory boards such as Yale’s President Advisory Council and the committee for the Harvard-MIT HST program.

The future of healthcare is definitely in good hands with Jim Tananbaum. His education and experience is a great asset to the healthcare industry. It will definitely be interesting to see what Mindstrong Health comes up with in the future for neurological health treatments.

To learn more, visit Jim Tananbaum’s crunchbase page.

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Discover the World of Science with Oncotarget

Oncotarget Bio

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal which gives coverage on all research on Oncology. The journal is published by a well-informed group of peers, and this makes the journal quite informative. One of its publishers, Mikhail Blagosklonny, is a world renowned professor in the field of Oncology. His work has brought a new era in the world of science. There are also other well-known publishers in this journal. Since 2013, four members of this journal have brought home the Breakthrough Prize, which is a very high prize in their field.

In addition to Oncology, the journal accepts research topics in the field of Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Cardiology, Metabolism and many others. Oncotarget has been ranked as the first among all existing journals in Oncology. Oncotarget is driven by the desire to make scientific results largely available and known.

Read more: http://www.impactjournals.com/oncotarget/index.php?journal=oncotarget

Oncotarget Study on E-Cigarettes

People have been warned that smoking is bad for their health. This warning resulted in the making of E-cigarettes, which people have thought to be better compared to the conventional Cigarettes. A recent study published in Oncotarget by Irfan Rahman, Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicine and Dentistry, proves that all may not be well with E-Cigarettes. These cigarettes are as damaging to the gums and teeth as the conventional ones. How does this come about? You may ask. A study shows that the vapor from the electronic cigarette is burned, therefore resulting in the release of inflammatory proteins by the cells. This aggravates stress within the cells leading to damage that could cause oral diseases.

According to Irfan Rahman, how often you smoke, determines the level of damage to the oral cavity and gums. Nicotine which is also present in the E-cigarettes is known to cause gum disease. This type of cigarette is growing rapidly among the youths and former cigarette smokers. The mentality is that E-Cigarettes are safer. But according to Irfan Rahman, this is far from the truth. So, before you take that puff, read on this research, published by Oncotarget. Their publishers are thorough and respected. Therefore they just might save your health. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

How Fabletics’ Reverse Showroom Resonates with Consumers

One of the most fascinating things behind the story of the incredibly fast launch to success of Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics is the science behind how the brand cultivated a loyal tribe of repeat users so rapidly in such a short period of time. Consumers that participate in Fabletics’ monthly subscription package are fiercely passionate about the brand. They post outfits on their blogs and social media accounts and share via word of mouth with nearly anyone that has a compliment for one of their fashionable outfits from the Fabletics line.


In just three short years the company has grown from a moderate startup to a brand generating over $250 million in sales that is known globally for providing some of the most fashionable, top-notch quality “athleisure” wear available on the market today. Fabletics has become one of the best in the biz and sales stack up nicely against brands that have owned large chunks of the athletic wear market for years. The company is even vying against Amazon for online market share.


One of the greatest consumer draws, other than the quality and style of the pieces themselves, is a technique they utilize called the “reverse showroom.” Many companies deploy typical “showroom” or store techniques, where potential customers visit physical stores, troll through aisles of merchandise and likely go home and buy the exact apparel they were looking online from a discounted wholesaler. By launching a reverse showroom for the customers from the beginning, Fabletics has created a personalized shopping experience that can be easily and efficiently done from a phone or computer, whenever the consumer has time. Fabletics website uses a simple lifestyle quiz to build a user profile for each specific person – what trends do they like? What kind of exercise do they do? etc. The quiz is quick and if you want to learn what your “athleisure” style is, take a few minutes and try the quiz!


Fabletics has become a keystone in the world of athletic wear. Bloggers and online publications across the globe are highlighting their positive reactions to the brand. For example, a recent blog post by popular blogger of A Foodie Stays Fit showcased the pieces she received in her Fabletics package with a highly positive response to both the style and the great quality of each piece she received. The also noted the specific trends that Fabletics sent to her and noted that the leggings she received held up extremely well. If you are on the fence about joining the Fabletics bandwagon, you can read her unsponsored review here: A foodie Stays Fit

Roberto Santiago- Owner of the Largest Shopping Mall in Paraiba State

Joao Pessoa is the capital city of the state of Paraiba. As such, it is a buzz of activities. So many people have flourished in this city and its different industries. One of the people that have made a name in the city is Roberto Santiago. He owns the largest mall in the city. If you are thinking, The Manaira Shopping Mall, you are right. Roberto Santiago also owns the Mangeira shopping mall.

Roberto Santiago studied as the Poi X-Marist College. Later he attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His education background has played a very big role in who he is today. He acquired the knowledge to run successful businesses and manage a good team.

When Roberto Santiago completed his education, he began his career working at Café Santa Rosa. Working for the company further enhanced his knowledge and experience in business. It also gave him an opportunity to save and start his own business. With the money saved, Roberto Santiago started a cartonage company. He would tailor-make cartons for companies and supply them. He was in the business for some years before he noted that there was a lot of money to be made in real estate. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

In the year 1987, Roberto Santiago bought a piece of land in Joao Pessoa. Two years later, he started developing the land. He decided that he would get the most value from the land if he would construct a mall. That was when the construction of the Manaira Shopping mall began. Today, Roberto Santiago continues to thrive as businessman. He also has a blog where he shares his wealth of knowledge of Brazil with other people.

About The Manaira Shopping Mall

If you are in Joao Pessoa and are looking for a one stop shopping place, then the Manaira Shopping Malls the place to go. The mall has a wide array of shops selling everything that you need- From electronics, personal items, Clothes, art, shoes, bags, and jewelry; just to mention but a few.

The shopping mall is also the biggest entertainment scene in Joao Pessoa. It has a 10,000 sq. meters gaming area, with more than 200 gaming machines and an electronic ball room. The gaming room has all kinds of games, from children to adult games- meaning that you can have some family fun.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the perfect place to stop for a quick meal or even take your loved ones on a dinner date. There are a number of food outlets, restaurants and even a gourmet. It is up to you to decide what you want to treat your palates to.

Visit: http://www.pbagora.com.br/conteudo.php?id=20111106140504

Jason Halpern, the Man and His Company

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern is a top money maker in the field of real estate. Although he is a business man, he also takes time for his family. Mr. Halpern has a teenage son and is engaged to Ukrainian model Veronika Gomeniouk. His father was a national powerboat racing champion as well as working in the real estate business. He has grown up in the business as his family has over 30 years of construction in the NYC area.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

According to his website, jmhdev.com, he has developments in places like Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. His company has built small buildings as well as large scale developments like apartment complexes. His team of experts work through all stages of development of the process. He currently has hundreds of millions of dollars tied up in projects in New York, including The South Beach Starwood Hotel, The Townhouses of Cobble Hill Henry and the LIC Hilton Hotels to name a few. The company also has a focus on historical properties and will deliver the intricate details and luxury of the buildings in the past if the client so desires. You can see these buildings by going to their website. These buildings are of a grand scale and are very extravagant.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

If you are looking for a reliable real estate agent that has been in the business for over 30 years you can visit the website for details on how to contact them. The company is located at 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. They are “committed to delivering the highest quality” product that will endure.

Bob Reina: Always On His Game

When it comes to CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, he is always ready and always prepared. He also knows that if his team puts in the right amount of work and right amount of preparation, nothing is going to be too challenging for them. One of the worst things for a company or for anyone is to be caught off guard or surprised by anything. When that occurs, they are totally thrown for a loop and they are scrambling for answers. That is not something that has ever happened to Bob Reina and it never will.Learn more : http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


One of the most wonderful things about Bob Reina, there are many, is how much of a giver he is and how much he enjoys giving back. It is something that truly matters to him and is a big part of the reason why he started Talk Fusion back in 2007. It is really remarkable how much time flies and the growth they have seen in that decade period. In 2016, many people remarked how the company was having a great year because they won two awards from the same company. In fact, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award.


If there is one thing about Talk Fusion that stands out is their ability to come up with solutions for customers. For example, if a customer is using their video newsletters, they are able to send out a video updating all of their customers with all of the latest information on their business at once. There is one expression that applies to today’s world: work smarter not harder. That is what Talk Fusion wants for its customers. While it is important to do right by the company and put the right amount of time and effort into it, there are also other things in life that are just as important such as family and friends.Learn more : http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


With Talk Fusion, people can build their business and make money while also having time for other important events such as a softball game for one of their children. They will be there to experience it.



Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority- Innovation at its Finest

In the opinion piece published in the American-Statesman by Heiligenstein, the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority discusses vital and needed innovation to address major traffic and infrastructure issues. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, per their website, is an independent government agency formed through legislation in 2002 to improve transportation in all forms in Williams and Travis counties.

Currently, they are continuing work on MoPac Express Lanes. These lanes will use variable tolling that will use new and sophisticated technology to manage the flow of traffic. Using a supply vs demand system, they will moderate traffic entering the road with the variable tolls at peak times to keep traffic moving smoothly. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.mobilityauthority.com/about/executive-director.php

The agency has partnered with Metropia and Carma to create apps integrated with their own system to provide alternative routes and carpooling opportunities to reduce the amount of traffic further. One day, they hope to use the integrated fiber lines in their roads to communicate with cars, with anticipation that smart technology will continue its expansion into vehicles.

Another critical issue in the area, and in the US in general, is stop and go traffic caused by minor breakdowns. CTRMA is on the case with Highway Emergency Response Operator program (HERO), together with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

This program will assist drivers with minor vehicle issues on roads they patrol, free of charge. The agency also aims to encourage more biking and walking by residents by building shared use lanes.

The Executive Director of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein, has spent 30 years as a public official in Central Texas. He began his career as a Round Rock City Council Member, then as County Commissioner in Williamson, and has always held a special passion for infrastructure.

Mike graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in Government and Masters in both Business Administration and Government. He has turned the Mobility Authority from an inefficient, aimless agency when he assumed the role, into the now booming and profitable agency.

The agency has an expected revenue stream of $136.5 million by 2020. He has been nationally recognized by his peers with honors, and has been asked to speak and problem solve infrastructure issues nationwide.

George Soros, the Father of National Politics

George Soros is one billionaire that has had a lot of influence towards American Politics. Tracing his origin from Hungary, George has been able to thrive through times of great turmoil and emerge victorious even when situations were not in his favor. Apart from investing heavily in forex trading, George has also used his wealth for philanthropic means, with the majority of the share going into politics. Although Soros has been out of the political limelight for quite a while, he recently resurfaced to rally his support behind Hillary Clinton, his longtime friend in the 2016 United States of America national elections. For a long time, Soros has been a staunch supporter of Democrats, and for this reason, he spared some $25 million to support candidates from the party including Hillary. According to sources, George was ready to increase his donation to an unprecedented amount before Election Day.

Apart from his financial contributions, George Soros had chosen to attend his first ever Democratic Convention in support of Hillary Clinton, but he was forced to attend to urgent business. Taking a look at Soros past associations with politics, 2016 has proven to be his most vibrant year. At age 85, he has built a 25-year relationship with Hillary Clinton, and this might be one of the primary reasons as to why Hillary was his most preferred presidential candidate in the 2016 general elections. Soros as an individual has also been an asset to the courses of Democrats, mainly because he has catalyzed most of his peers to support the American party. Some of the philanthropists that George has brought on board include Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner. The five individuals contributed a total of $55.3 million in support of Democrats as well as other courses that are in their best of interests. Read more about George at Washington Times.

Because of George’s massive support for Hillary Clinton, the Democrats Presidential hopeful had a financial advantage against her competitor, Donald Trump. By the end of June 2016, Soros had given $7 million in support of PACs that favor Hillary Clinton. Seven hundred thousand dollars went to Democratic Party committees and Political Action Committees. Other organizations that George gave monetary donations to and that were purposely funded to support Hillary Clinton’s bid to power include American Bridge 21st Century, Every Voice, America Votes, Senate Majority PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, Immigrant Voters Win, End Citizens United, and Voting Rights Trust. When Hillary lost to Donald Trump, George Soros was extremely disappointed. He feared that America would turn for the worst under Trump’s administration. His dislike for Trump comes about since Donald Trump has for a long time called for the deportation of illegal migrants living in the United States so as to reduce chances of terrorist attacks. However, George has always felt that the above is the wrong approach to tackling terrorism. George believes that terrorism should be faced head on since terrorists act whenever they sense fear. Hence, George Soros pushed the agenda of Hillary Clinton forwards since he thought that Hillary was the best candidate to take the United States of America forwards. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

Boraie Development and His Visions Transform New Brunswick to a Well-Structured City

Omar Boraie, the founder and head of Boraie Development, is someone who dreams to make his environment and community better and smarter. He is a person who holds his city and surroundings close to the heart and mind and shares his achievements exclusively with them. It is evident by the transformation of New Brunswick in the recent decades to a well-structured and world-class city especially with the help of Omar Boraie and his Boraie Development. The latest project from the development firm, The Aspire, a high-rise apartment complex, is expected to address the residential needs of the city up to a large extent. Boraie responded to Central Jersey Working Moms that the project had disbelievers in the initial stages, but he wanted to create the city like how he experienced some European cities while traveling as a scholar.

Boraie remembers that the condition of the town in the early days was very terrible and walking even at 4 p.m. through the streets of the city was not easy. He thought to change the condition of the city. Currently, his office is located in a magnificent eight-story building named Albany Street Plaza in the city where it was originally 21 buildings which were about to fall down. Boraie bought all those buildings and transformed the place into the home of an impressive office building. The first building of the firm was for office space and named as Tower 1 and completed it in the 90’s. The Tower 2, built in 2003 considering the increasing demand for office space. Then, Boraie focused on addressing the growing demand for quality housing solutions in the city and came up with The Aspire, a 25-storey apartment – the tallest building in the city. It also has space for retail, office, parking, and more. Now people in New Brunswick believe that Boraie’s vision is not a wild dream but a reality.

Boraie Development has more than three decades of experience in high-quality real estate solutions with world-class service and also addresses the community needs of New Brunswick. It offers solutions in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management in residential, commercial and retail sectors. Apart from investing New Brunswick, the real estate development firm has projects in Newark, Montgomery, and Milltown. Boraie Development looks for comprehensive solutions that address all the needs of the city which needed to have to support its business groups and other infrastructure.

Check out his website boraie.com

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