Securus Technologies Makes Experience Matter

Securus Technologies is a company that’s been making many advances in correctional facility management. Taking on contraband has been a priority in recent history. While the company provides monitoring services presently, a new technology known as wireless containment systems are now implemented to prevent contraband cell phone usage. JPay, a recently acquired company, has overseen developing the technology, installing it, and testing it. The results so far are promising. An estimate of over a billion calls and messages intercepted is just the beginning.


Robert Johnson, a former correctional facility officer, is a consultant for Securus Technologies. He works with the company to get the units into new facilities and is an advocate of trying to pass legislation to make the systems mandatory. The cause is close to his heart. Johnson was shot six times in the chest by a former inmate. It’s reported that the reason for the hit was due to confiscating a contraband package valued at over $50,000. An infant’s life was also taken by a similar senseless act of violence.


The wireless containment systems operate similarly to a cell phone tower. The difference is that they block the signal from connecting to the appropriate network to prevent the call or message from being completed. An error message is played, stating that the communication hasn’t been completed.


Securus Technologies is a company that’s based in Texas and has over 30 years’ experience in corrections management. The organization provides software, monitoring services via telephone and in the facility with cameras, financial services, and much more. Securus is best known for connecting inmates with their loved ones. Through services such as telephone calling plans, video visitation, and messaging; they provide affordable and convenient services to all customers, internal and external.


Securus also takes customer service seriously. Recently accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company was given an “A+” rating. Over 95 percent customer satisfaction and a nearly 100 percent one call resolution makes the company attractive to do business with. Through its newly acquired companies, it’s also begun to take on the financial services side of the business. Funding inmate accounts and processing online payments are among the newly offered services. Securus brings many new innovations to the table. Growing along with its customers and the current trends, Securus should be worth keeping an eye on in the future.


Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a successful makeup company that was started by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a creative Russian that moved to the United States of America to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. She was in a band named sky Salt where she met her now husband and company president Mark. Doe Deere started Lime Crime to give people a colorful makeup option that fit their bold and bright personality. She couldn’t find any makeup that was colorful, so she took the initiative and created Lime Crime a makeup company the supplies good quality vegan makeup internationally.

Lime Crime has positively affected people all over the world. It thrills people to be able to have a great quality selection of products that are not harmful and are all natural. Doe Deere has had an enormous amount of success. Many people tend to lose themselves in a mountain of success, but Doe Deere has maintained her health by adhering to a schedule. She is so dedicated to her plan that she does not even need an alarm’s help to wake up on time. She wakes up on time to ensure that she does everything that she needs to do before she leaves for work. Learn more:

Doe Deere has committed her morning to eating breakfast, checking emails, attending to her cats, and exploring social media to see all of the changes that have taken place thus far. She then heads to the office after she has completed her morning routine. Although her morning routine is always on the same schedule, she stays at work as long as necessary to make sure that everything is in order, so the next day isn’t chaotic. Doe Deere is committed to completing the essential task for success. She does so effortlessly.

Doe Deere is so committed to her company because she was not always aspiring to become a makeup company owner. When she moved to New York City too was just following her creative dream. Her dream started as a desire to be a musician. She was in a band named sky Salt. After sky Salt, she started a company on eBay called Lime Crime. After discovering that there weren’t any companies that offered colorful makeup Doe Deere began Lime Crime in 2008. She has no regrets about starting a healthy makeup company that does not harm animals while making it.

Todd Lubar recounts his entrepreneurial journey revealing his secrets of success

The President of Real Estate and Financial Services Firm TDL Global Ventures Mr. Todd Lubar did an interview with an online publication explaining his entrepreneurial journey and what makes him tick in the business world. Mr. Lubar said he highly regards the experience he got from the various posts he served at different business organizations because he learnt valuable business skills on how to deal with different stakeholders including customers, insurance agents, financial planners and even real estate agents as they currently form his biggest referral business partners adding that this is how he landed his first ever sale. Apart from referrals, another marketing strategy that Mr. Lubar deploys in his business in a conscious and deliberate effort of attracting even more customers is the use specialized search engines whose main forte is in the real estate space where customers throng when looking for a home to buy. For more details visit Crunchbase.

He says that there are challenges that one encounters when they choose to be career business people. For him the fact that he has to choose between spending quality time with his family or flying out on a business trip to make sure he closes a certain lucrative deal poses a real challenge. However, Mr. Lubar says he drives a lot of satisfaction whenever he helps his customers build their businesses from the ground up and seeing the businesses succeed in the marketplace motivates him to keep waking up every morning and continue doing what he does best which is helping people achieve their dreams wildest dreams in life. Check out to see more.

Mr. Lubar attributes his success in business to his ever burning desire to succeed hence whatever small setbacks that might come on his way cannot sway him from his dreams. This is why he works very hard while at the same time paying a lot of attention to every single detail in a conscious and deliberate effort of making the best possible decision in any given situation. He also believes his business model will stay relevant to the foreseeable future as long as there are people who want to get out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams.

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Sentient AI – A/B Testing

Sentient’s Ascend is revolutionizing the work that web developers need to do when modifying online businesses. Website optimization is a steady process that requires trial and error. Traditional A/B testing allows for only one idea to be tested at a time therefore optimizing your web presence can become quite tedious the further you get into it. The rate of success hovers around 16 to 25 percent per idea that you test so your odds of increasing your conversion manually is pretty low. The online business owner’s main concern is making sure they turn a profit with their product! Worrying about the structure of their website and the way it interacts is a total distraction which takes away from the business’ bottom line.

Sentient Ascend is transforming the menial labor of A/B testing into an automated system that will exponentially increase the efficiency of any e-commerce that is intuitive enough to implement the tool into their system. Sentient users are seeing double-digit conversion increases! This is in part due to their new ability to test all of their ideas at once instead of testing them one at a time.

Another reason for this is the ingenuity behind Sentient Ascend. It uses a branch of artificial intelligence known as evolutionary algorithms. Put simply, it finds the best designs from all of your ideas! It learns, adapts, and reacts to user interactions consequently finding the best performing designs quickly and efficiently. Over time Ascend uses this data to do away with the ideas that convert into stagnant or negative results. This system brings your best ideas to the forefront and makes continuous optimization a reality! Ascend also automates full funnel testing. This means you spend more time coming up with ideas because Sentient’s AI is designed to automate the rest.


Securus Technologies Finally Releases The Long Anticipated Wireless Containment Systems Program

Approximately two years ago, Securus Technologies put all of their future projects on hold to work on their Wireless Containment Systems program. The Wireless Containment Systems program is an internal technological advancement to prevent inmates from using cell phones.


Securus Technologies was shocked when they discovered that seven out of ten inmates has a cell phone. This was made known to them by an ex-prison worker, Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson worked at a prison near Atlanta, Georgia. His job in the prison was to confiscate electronic communication devices found in jail cells. Mr. Johnson confiscated at least 15 different electronic communication devices every day.


One day, while Robert Johnson was enjoying his day off, a man entered his home and shot him 10 times. Robert Johnson was initially labeled as a D.O.A., but he was able to be revived. During the investigation, Robert was informed that an inmate from used a cell phone to organize the attack. From that moment on, Robert Johnson has been at war against inmates with cell phones.


Robert Johnson is helping Securus Technologies by spreading the word about the Wireless Containment Systems program. In a recent live demonstration for several government officials of various U.S. states, Securus Technologies displayed how this technology works. As an inmate tried to use a cell phone. The cell phone signal was secretly connected to Securus’ phone network, and the inmate was unable to make the call.


Securus Technologies plans on installing this service in every prison throughout America. Since Securus does not want other prison workers to experience what Robert Johnson experienced, Securus is provided their Wireless Containment Systems program for free. Securus Technologies hopes government officials take advantage of this. Many people in all 50 states are starting to write letters to the government asking them to install this service in the prison facilities.


Bradesco’s New Chairman Of The Board Luiz Carlos Trabuco Wants To Change The Bank’s Business Model

If you are Brazilian, and you bank in Brazil, you know about Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco is a bank celebrity in Brazil. He’s been a Bradesco banker for the last 48 years, and during that time Bradesco has hit the banking jackpot in terms of annual revenue and assets under management. Trabuco is not an ordinary bank executive. His impressive record verifies his unusual but effective approach to banking. He’s not a financial genius, but he is a people’s person, and that’s the mantra he uses to motivate his executive team.

Banking is all about people, according to Trabuco, and that is the main reason he is taking the emphasis away from the 5,000 Bradesco bank branches and putting it on digital technology. Luiz knows how to go with the flow in Brazil, and the flow is all about banking online. Trabuco knows his degree in philosophy and graduate degree in psychology are helpful now that he is the new Chairman of the Board. But he also knows he will need a strong new CEO to continue what he started.

Trabuco is the new Chairman of the Board because 91-year-old Lázaro de Mello Brandão is retiring. Brandão is a legend in Brazil’s banking industry. He got a banking job with Bradesco in 1943, and he is one reason Bradesco is now the second largest private bank in the country.

Trabuco is the perfect replacement for Brandão. Luiz knows what the bank needs to do in order to continue to grow. One thing the bank needs is a strong and competent new CEO and there are seven candidates in the running for Trabuco’s old job. One of the top contenders for the CEO position is Mauricio Machado de Minas. Minas is the bank’s top tech executive. He is the man who put the digital banking franchise, Next, together.

Read more: Bradesco to Choose Board Member as New President, says Trabuco

Next is going to give the Fintech’s some serious competition in 2018. The other top candidate is Alexandre da Silva Glüher. Glüher is the man who put the 2015 acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian operations together, and he is also the bank’s chief risk manager.

The other candidates are all responsible Bradesco bankers. Josué Augusto Pancini is in charge of the bank’s 5,000 branches, and he is a prime contender, but some people think Trabuco needs him where is. Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is the current chief lending officer. The bank’s loan portfolio continues to grow thanks to the economic recovery in Brazil and Abreu’s leadership, so he is one of the dark horse candidates. The same is true for Marcelo Noronha, Octavio de Lazari, and Andre Cano. Those three executives have a shot at the CEO position, but they are not the top candidates. Cano heads up human resources, Octavio de Lazari is the president of Banco Seguros and Marcelo Noronha is Bradesco’s chief investment banker.

Mr. Trabuco will continue as CEO and Chairman until February 2018. That’s when the bank will fill the CEO position. Trabuco is capable of performing both positions, and that will ensure Wall Street keeps the “buy now” status in place. Even though Brazil is still not completely out of the recessionary woods, Mr. Trabuco continues to impress foreign investors thanks to an excellent 2017 performance. According to a news release, the first nine months of 2017 were recording breaking revenue months for the bank. And the total assets under management in September 2017 was R$1.3 trillion.

Bradesco may not be the largest bank in Brazil, but Bradesco is the bank most Millennials in Brazil want to do business with. And if Trabuco and his new CEO continue to revamp the bank’s business model, Bradesco could take over the number one position in domestic banking from Banco Itaú sooner than most people think.

Learn more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco :á-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm

3 Steps To Creating The Perfect Traveling Vineyard Wine Party

As a Traveling Vineyard Wine guide you have the opportunity to create an income doing something you love. Your job as a wine guide is to host wine tasting parties for other wine lovers in your area. As the host it is your responsibility to set everything up and ensure everyone has a good time. If you do a good job there is a good chance some of your guests will invest in the wine they just finished tasting. If that should happen you will earn money from those sales.

That in a nutshell is the basics of being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. So now the question is how do you create the perfect Traveling Vineyard wine party that ensures your guests have a great time and you earn some cold hard cash in the process?

The answer to that question can be found in these 3 simple steps:

Step #1 – Choose The Right Theme

This is the first and most important step. As the host it is very important you choose the right theme for your event. While it is okay to highlight wines from various regions around the world, you don’t want to have so many wines that it overwhelms the guests. Try to stick with featuring one variety of wine from a diverse region. You could even have a blind comparison contest to see if guests can guess what region of the world the wine is from.

Step #2 – Gather All Needed Supplies

Once you have your theme its time to gather all the supplies needed to make it come to life. Some supplies you may need include glassware, a corkscrew, water, Neutral-tasting palate cleanser, a large bucket and wine bags if you plan on doing a blind tasting. As a new host you will get a wine tasting kit that includes glassware, wine and a storage case.

Step #3 – Set The Table

Set the table so that every guest will be comfortable and have plenty of space to enjoy the wine tasting. If you will be serving crackers make sure the glasses are set at the top of the plate. Place the large bucket at the center of the table and make sure each guest has a pen and paper to take notes.

Earn While You Host

As a Traveling Vineyard Wine guide you will be able to earn an income while hosting great wine tasting events at your home. To learn more about this opportunity visit

Doe Deere Shares Her Professional Experiences

The self-professed Queen of the Unicorns, Doe Deere has had quite the adventure in her career. She came from a humble beginning and managed to almost single-handedly revolutionize the makeup market. She founded Lime Crime cosmetics as a way to offer bold and unique makeup to those individuals that were having trouble finding products to reflect their style and personality. She could never have anticipated the huge response she received, which propelled her company to huge success as an e-commerce powerhouse. Learn more:

Doe Deere was born in Russia and began working on her professional skills in her homeland at an early age. She moved to the United States at the age of 17 and became a musician in New York. Her stint as a musician allowed her to freely express her unique sense of style in both clothing and makeup. Working in the music industry also helped her sharpen her superior marketing skills that have helped her create a makeup empire. In addition to all of the benefits the music industry gave, she also met her husband while in a band together. Learn more:

Doe Deere offers some sage advice to young business-minded individuals who are trying to make their way in the world. She says that she would like to tell them to focus on the things in life that they love. Hone particular skills that you are really good at and keep working towards your goal. That is how she feels a person can find their truest potential. She feels that following her dreams and working hard to reach her goals is what ultimately has allowed her to enjoy such success, and to do a job daily that she absolutely loves.

Doe Deere is also extremely hands-on with her company from developing new products to the marketing strategy they use to release products to the public. She is present for meeting regarding sales strategies as well as corporate concerns for the company. If she isn’t in the boardroom in a meeting, she is in the lab helping to develop new products for the public to enjoy. She even tests new products on herself. As always, Lime Crime cosmetics are cruelty-free and will remain so in addition to being dermatologist tested.

The company has recently released a wide range of products from lip colors to hair dye. They are always working to come up with bigger and better ideas and most of those ideas come directly from or are inspired by their fearless leader, Doe Deere.

Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies Company is one of the most prominent companies working towards solving the problems the inmate industry is facing in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the industry. For over two decades of professional experience, the company has always strived to become part of the solution to the problems their clients are facing in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why they are looking towards becoming part of the business solution to their simulation capabilities. If you are looking towards achieving working solutions, you can achieve your independent goals as an inmate industry with the technology provided by Securus Technologies Company,


Securus Technologies Company is a leading technology solutions provider in the inmate industry. For over two decades of experience in the industry, Securus Technologies Company has always worked towards sustaining the company’s business solution in a manner that depicts better business solutions. This is perhaps the reason why their services have been amassed in a manner that shows their independent capabilities in the industry. The company has a strong commitment towards customer satisfaction. This is why they are regarded as the best in the industry when it comes to the creation of a working business solution in the industry.


Securus Technologies Company is also committed to integrity. Their business is one of the most transparent in the industry because they assimilate a working solution that is tailored to suit every inmate facility. For this reason, the company is decided to embark on listening to the feedback of their clients in the inmate industry so that they could get what the people have to say about their business. For all the reviews that streamed in from their clients, none of them was negatively impacted. In fact, numerous positive reviews praise the service delivery charter of Securus Technologies Company as it solves problems immensely.


What are the Career Achievements of Scott Rocklage?

Scott Rocklage is one of the most prominent men in the medical industry. He is a managing partner at 5AM ventures, which fund life-science based company at their early stages. This is perhaps the main reason for the name 5AM

Rocklage has been with 5AM Ventures since the year 2003. He joined the company as a venture partner, but a year later he became a managing partner. He is placed in charge of the office that is in Waltham. The 5AM boss is really passionate about discovering better life-science tools that will provide solutions to the most oppressing human problems.

Prior to joining 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage worked for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Scott Rocklage co-founded Cubist Pharmaeuticals in the year 1994 and immediately became a founding partner. For the next 7 years, he was to work as the president of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. In the year 2000, the board of directors agreed to make him chairman of the board. He stayed with the company until the year 2003, when he left for an opportunity to work at 5AM Ventures. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

Before founding Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Rocklage with Nycomed Salutar Inc. He was the president and CEO of the company since the year 1990. Two years later, he received a promotion and was made chairman in the year 1992. He stayed with Nycomed for two more years before leaving for Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Other than working with Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar Inc., Rocklage has worked with companies Illypsa, Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Pulmatrix, Achaogen, and Cidar Therapeutics. On top of that, he is recognized for having gotten the Food and Drugs Administration to approve three drugs. Additionally, he holds over 30 patents and over 100 publications.

Cumulatively, Rocklage has over 3 decades of experience in the medical industry. He is also well educated as he holds a PHD of Philosophy in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While studying for his PHD, Scott Rocklage studied at a chemistry nobel prize winner’s (Richard Schrock) lab. Rocklage also boasts of having a bachelors’ degree in Chemistry.