Betsy DeVos Fights for the Right to Education Options

Born to a public school teacher in 1958, Betsy DeVos was inspired at an early age to devote her life to advancing educational opportunities for children. While earning her Bachelor of Arts degree at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mrs. DeVos became active in campus politics. I believe she merged these two strengths quite successfully to become the leader and philanthropist she is today.


One of Betsy DeVos’s earliest endeavors proved to be one of her most important. In 1994, she and her husband began to visit the Potter’s House Christian School and were impressed to see the families and staff striving to ensure the children had a safe, stimulating and loving environment in which to learn. The DeVoses began to offer significant financial and interactive support, which they continue currently. Mrs. DeVos mentors individual students attending Potter’s House and has served on the Advisory Board since 1994. According to her biography on the U. S. Department of Education’s website, Betsy DeVos was compelled to expand her reach and for 15 years served as an in-school mentor for at-risk students in the Michigan public school system. She states that working with those teachers, students and parents, “changed my life and my perspective about education forever.” I trust she is sincere in her efforts to bring reform to the way school systems allocate education opportunities to children, especially the low-income and residents of poor neighborhoods. Her quest to advocate for the educational-choice movement began in the 1990s when she served on the boards of two national non-profits, the Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. Both agencies worked to expand educational choice through vouchers and tax credits, making private and charter schools more financially accessible to deserving children’s families.

Additionally, Betsy DeVos is encouraging the education system to end the policy of forcing students to attend a school based on geographic guidelines, a practice that removes the families’ rights to choose what is best for their children. In the years 2001 and 2002, Mrs. DeVos made such tremendous strides in opening opportunities for Michigan families to choose high-quality options for their children’s education that proponents of the movement took notice. These people began to encourage Betsy DeVos to broaden her influence nationally and she agreed, according to her 2013 interview with the Philanthropy Roundtable organization. She currently serves as chairwoman of the American Federation for Children and the Alliance for School Choice, both of which are agencies leading the national educational-choice movement. I am confident Betsy DeVos will continue to use her time and money to build on her successful efforts in educational-choice reform already improving the learning atmosphere in Florida, Michigan, Louisiana and Indiana. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

George Soros, the Father of National Politics

George Soros is one billionaire that has had a lot of influence towards American Politics. Tracing his origin from Hungary, George has been able to thrive through times of great turmoil and emerge victorious even when situations were not in his favor. Apart from investing heavily in forex trading, George has also used his wealth for philanthropic means, with the majority of the share going into politics. Although Soros has been out of the political limelight for quite a while, he recently resurfaced to rally his support behind Hillary Clinton, his longtime friend in the 2016 United States of America national elections. For a long time, Soros has been a staunch supporter of Democrats, and for this reason, he spared some $25 million to support candidates from the party including Hillary. According to sources, George was ready to increase his donation to an unprecedented amount before Election Day.

Apart from his financial contributions, George Soros had chosen to attend his first ever Democratic Convention in support of Hillary Clinton, but he was forced to attend to urgent business. Taking a look at Soros past associations with politics, 2016 has proven to be his most vibrant year. At age 85, he has built a 25-year relationship with Hillary Clinton, and this might be one of the primary reasons as to why Hillary was his most preferred presidential candidate in the 2016 general elections. Soros as an individual has also been an asset to the courses of Democrats, mainly because he has catalyzed most of his peers to support the American party. Some of the philanthropists that George has brought on board include Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner. The five individuals contributed a total of $55.3 million in support of Democrats as well as other courses that are in their best of interests. Read more about George at Washington Times.

Because of George’s massive support for Hillary Clinton, the Democrats Presidential hopeful had a financial advantage against her competitor, Donald Trump. By the end of June 2016, Soros had given $7 million in support of PACs that favor Hillary Clinton. Seven hundred thousand dollars went to Democratic Party committees and Political Action Committees. Other organizations that George gave monetary donations to and that were purposely funded to support Hillary Clinton’s bid to power include American Bridge 21st Century, Every Voice, America Votes, Senate Majority PAC, Planned Parenthood Votes, Immigrant Voters Win, End Citizens United, and Voting Rights Trust. When Hillary lost to Donald Trump, George Soros was extremely disappointed. He feared that America would turn for the worst under Trump’s administration. His dislike for Trump comes about since Donald Trump has for a long time called for the deportation of illegal migrants living in the United States so as to reduce chances of terrorist attacks. However, George has always felt that the above is the wrong approach to tackling terrorism. George believes that terrorism should be faced head on since terrorists act whenever they sense fear. Hence, George Soros pushed the agenda of Hillary Clinton forwards since he thought that Hillary was the best candidate to take the United States of America forwards. Read this story at about George Soros.