Roberto Santiago- Owner of the Largest Shopping Mall in Paraiba State

Joao Pessoa is the capital city of the state of Paraiba. As such, it is a buzz of activities. So many people have flourished in this city and its different industries. One of the people that have made a name in the city is Roberto Santiago. He owns the largest mall in the city. If you are thinking, The Manaira Shopping Mall, you are right. Roberto Santiago also owns the Mangeira shopping mall.

Roberto Santiago studied as the Poi X-Marist College. Later he attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His education background has played a very big role in who he is today. He acquired the knowledge to run successful businesses and manage a good team.

When Roberto Santiago completed his education, he began his career working at Café Santa Rosa. Working for the company further enhanced his knowledge and experience in business. It also gave him an opportunity to save and start his own business. With the money saved, Roberto Santiago started a cartonage company. He would tailor-make cartons for companies and supply them. He was in the business for some years before he noted that there was a lot of money to be made in real estate. Read more on

In the year 1987, Roberto Santiago bought a piece of land in Joao Pessoa. Two years later, he started developing the land. He decided that he would get the most value from the land if he would construct a mall. That was when the construction of the Manaira Shopping mall began. Today, Roberto Santiago continues to thrive as businessman. He also has a blog where he shares his wealth of knowledge of Brazil with other people.

About The Manaira Shopping Mall

If you are in Joao Pessoa and are looking for a one stop shopping place, then the Manaira Shopping Malls the place to go. The mall has a wide array of shops selling everything that you need- From electronics, personal items, Clothes, art, shoes, bags, and jewelry; just to mention but a few.

The shopping mall is also the biggest entertainment scene in Joao Pessoa. It has a 10,000 sq. meters gaming area, with more than 200 gaming machines and an electronic ball room. The gaming room has all kinds of games, from children to adult games- meaning that you can have some family fun.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the perfect place to stop for a quick meal or even take your loved ones on a dinner date. There are a number of food outlets, restaurants and even a gourmet. It is up to you to decide what you want to treat your palates to.


Boraie Development and His Visions Transform New Brunswick to a Well-Structured City

Omar Boraie, the founder and head of Boraie Development, is someone who dreams to make his environment and community better and smarter. He is a person who holds his city and surroundings close to the heart and mind and shares his achievements exclusively with them. It is evident by the transformation of New Brunswick in the recent decades to a well-structured and world-class city especially with the help of Omar Boraie and his Boraie Development. The latest project from the development firm, The Aspire, a high-rise apartment complex, is expected to address the residential needs of the city up to a large extent. Boraie responded to Central Jersey Working Moms that the project had disbelievers in the initial stages, but he wanted to create the city like how he experienced some European cities while traveling as a scholar.

Boraie remembers that the condition of the town in the early days was very terrible and walking even at 4 p.m. through the streets of the city was not easy. He thought to change the condition of the city. Currently, his office is located in a magnificent eight-story building named Albany Street Plaza in the city where it was originally 21 buildings which were about to fall down. Boraie bought all those buildings and transformed the place into the home of an impressive office building. The first building of the firm was for office space and named as Tower 1 and completed it in the 90’s. The Tower 2, built in 2003 considering the increasing demand for office space. Then, Boraie focused on addressing the growing demand for quality housing solutions in the city and came up with The Aspire, a 25-storey apartment – the tallest building in the city. It also has space for retail, office, parking, and more. Now people in New Brunswick believe that Boraie’s vision is not a wild dream but a reality.

Boraie Development has more than three decades of experience in high-quality real estate solutions with world-class service and also addresses the community needs of New Brunswick. It offers solutions in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management in residential, commercial and retail sectors. Apart from investing New Brunswick, the real estate development firm has projects in Newark, Montgomery, and Milltown. Boraie Development looks for comprehensive solutions that address all the needs of the city which needed to have to support its business groups and other infrastructure.

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