Madison Street Capital Advises Sachs Capital Group Through New Acquisition

Chicago investment banking firm Madison Street Capital accepted to be client Sachs Capital Group’s sole advisor in the acquisition of private company RMG Networks.


Through Madison Street Capital, Sachs Capital Group tapped debt facility provider Merion Investment Partners and Virgo Capital to assist in providing funds to close out the transaction in a timely fashion. Sachs Capital Group acquired RMG Networks to get control of its digital signage business, distribution of hardware, proprietary software, and the many services offered to companies on the Fortune 100 list.


Madison Street Capital put Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen in charge of leading the Madison Street team through the acquisition process.


According to a statement by Gregory H. Sachs, Sachs Capital Group’s CEO, the transaction wen tout without a hitch thanks to the advising team. With Madison Street Capital, Sachs had access to influential relationships that led to the proper sources for funding the transaction while also getting the benefit of expertise that comfortably carried them to end.


Petersen expressed a similar attitude with respect to their working relationship now that the transaction is over. Now Petersen sees the benefits Sachs Capital Group will have now that they’re in control of RMG Networks. Sachs Capital Group can now tap into a new market and expand rapidly thanks to the development of cloud storage and digital signage techniques that will make use of the power of new communication platforms.


With the company changing hands, things have changed for stockholders. Those with shares of RMG Networks ceased trading the company on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange on September 28, 2018. As detailed in the transaction, those in possession of RMG Network stocks received a payout of $1.29 a share.


About Madison Street Capital:


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm located in the city of Chicago. Dedicated to continuing a history of integrity, innovative leadership, and overall excellence, the Madison Street Capital reputation has remained one that attracts notable clients in the worlds of business and finance. Their role as financial counsel allows them to walk clients through the processes of mergers and acquisitions, and the valuations of public and private businesses.


Madison Street Capital gets to know their clients, sets up goals, and sets out to meet them together. This commitment to the client’s vision for their business allows for the development of effective strategies that make sense of the global economy so that the agreed upon vision becomes reality.

Fortress Investment Group: Setting Industry Standards For Asset And Investment Management

Because of the brilliant development that the company has experienced, Fortress Investment Group has come forward to be one of the top alternative asset and investment management firms in the entire world. The company first came into existence in 1998 and since then has experienced a number of developments that have improved the quality of work that is being done. The company has emerged as one of the leading investment firms, not only because of their approach to investments but also because of the rapid development that the company has gone through over the years. Being led by some of the most notable names in the business has impacted the company in a positive way and has helped them implement a number of improvements that have changed the company for the better.Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has adopted new policies that other companies of its kind haven’t.

One of the most significant changes that the company made was when the leaders decided to take the company public and present it on the New York Stock Exchange. Before this, the company decided to take on this route, no other asset management or investment company had operated in this manner. Because they would be the first to do so, Fortress Investment Group’s leaders saw this as a brilliant opportunity to take on. After Fortress Investment Group decided to take on this opportunity, more and more people began following in their footsteps. Even though not, many investment and asset management companies have made their appearance on the NYSE, Fortress Investment Group will forever be known as the first company of its kind to do so.When Fortress Investment Group came into existence, its founders only dreamt of having a company that stood tall as one of the biggest of its kind.

Fortress Investment Group was founded by a group of investors and financialists who were known to be some of the best in their field. These financialists each had a dream of starting up their own company and decided to come on together to be able to achieve their goal of leading an investment and asset management firm.A lot of the reasons why Fortress Investment Group has emerged as such a well-known name in the industry is because of the clients that it has served through the course of its career. Because of this work that the company has done, they have gone on to win several awards and facilitation. One of the more popular awards that Fortress Investment Group won was the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year Award. This award was given to them by Institutional Investor for the work that they had done in 2014. Another award that the company was given in the same year was the Management Firm of the Year Award which was given to them by HFM Week. Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has managed to amass a brilliant portfolio of the companies that they have worked with. Some of the more well-known names that Fortress Investment Group has worked with include Intrawest and Rail America.

Madison Street Capital Tops at the 16th M&A Advisor Yearly Awards

It was on the 13th day of November in 2017 when the M&A Advisor revealed the 16th Annual Award Winners. The Gala event takes place as a yearly celebration for industry leaders in M&A Deal Makers in collaboration with the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit. It incorporated together many industry professionals. The Madison Street Capital scooped the top position on the best Debt Financing Deal in 2017. Interestingly, Madison Street Capital has been the recipients of this award since the year 2002. Contributing to its prize was the transaction advice for WLR Automotive. The event took place at the Metropolitan Club in New York.


Madison Street Capital emerged top from more than 650 different companies contesting for the same award. The company was significantly standing out from all the other candidates despite the high competition. The President and company Chief Executive Officer at M&A Advisor happily noted that Madison Street Capital deserved the M&A firms and professionals awards. Moreover, Madison Street Capital managed a finalist position in the Boutique Investment Banking category. It was also received the Financials Deal of the year title.


The CEO to Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway gladly noted that the organization was honored to be clowned the debt financing M&A Award winners. He also congratulated the Senior Managing Director of WLR Automotive as well as their lead on transactions.


Madison Street Capital is a financial advisory company based in Chicago, Illinois. It also owns other operational offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. The company has successfully been in operation for about 13 years. Madison Street Capital offers a diverse range of services such as private equity, business valuation, and advisory as well as bank investments. Besides, they provide corporate tax planning services, venture capital services and mergers and acquisition services.


However, Madison Street Capital seeks to build strong business relationships all around the United States. The company is dedicated to meet client needs as well as offer maximum support to many organizations such as the United Way. Madison is on the forefront to achieve a positive impact on the local and global communities. The company runs on the hands of a professional team with exceptional knowledge, skills as well as extensive expertise. The team has an extensive capability in designing suitable financing and capital structure according to clients’ requirements. Thus, Madison Street Capital remains the most preferred middle market banking firm globally. With the substantial experience in investment and financing industry, Madison Street Capital is the most recommendable client partner. Therefore, business owners seeking to acquire, sell a business or otherwise construct strategic business solutions are advised to consult with Madison Street Capital. The company is also highly sought on issues regarding corporate management.


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