Drew Madden Embraces Major Changes in Healthcare Industry

A recent article published by Venture Beat explores the role that two major giants are playing in transforming the healthcare industry. In light of CVS’s announcement that it is looking into purchasing Aetna and Amazon making the leap into pharmacy retail opportunities, consumers could see big changes on the horizon as to how the access prescriptions. Many are speculating that the decision by CVS to look into partnerships with major insurance companies is a defensive maneuver against Amazon potentially becoming a formidable player in the prescription retail market. Given that Amazon has already purchased Whole Foods, it certainly has the means to transition into becoming a major prescription retailer. These huge developments in the healthcare field mean that patients may be able to access all of their healthcare needs in more of a centralized location.

Drew Madden has been working as a thought leader in the healthcare industry for years now and is following these trends closely. He has been praised as an innovator in exploring was to improve the healthcare industry through healthcare information technology that makes the storage and accessing of patient health information more efficient and accurate across the board. He has been a strong component of cloud computing technology to facilitate these goals so that there is always a way to access information that is integral to providing the best and most personalized patient care. He has spent years analyzing the best practices for implementing electronic medical records management systems and was even honored with industry awards in 2012 and 2014 for his leadership and vision in normalizing electronic records management systems in the healthcare industry.

Drew Madden served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners for five years and grew the company to annual revenue levels of more than $130,000,000. The company also expanded from 10 to an incredible 725 employees in that time. Ever since Drew Madden graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, he has been putting his talents to good use as a consultant in various areas of the healthcare industry. He continues to lead the way at Nordic Consulting Partners.