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Oncotarget Bio

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal which gives coverage on all research on Oncology. The journal is published by a well-informed group of peers, and this makes the journal quite informative. One of its publishers, Mikhail Blagosklonny, is a world renowned professor in the field of Oncology. His work has brought a new era in the world of science. There are also other well-known publishers in this journal. Since 2013, four members of this journal have brought home the Breakthrough Prize, which is a very high prize in their field.

In addition to Oncology, the journal accepts research topics in the field of Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Cardiology, Metabolism and many others. Oncotarget has been ranked as the first among all existing journals in Oncology. Oncotarget is driven by the desire to make scientific results largely available and known.

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Oncotarget Study on E-Cigarettes

People have been warned that smoking is bad for their health. This warning resulted in the making of E-cigarettes, which people have thought to be better compared to the conventional Cigarettes. A recent study published in Oncotarget by Irfan Rahman, Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicine and Dentistry, proves that all may not be well with E-Cigarettes. These cigarettes are as damaging to the gums and teeth as the conventional ones. How does this come about? You may ask. A study shows that the vapor from the electronic cigarette is burned, therefore resulting in the release of inflammatory proteins by the cells. This aggravates stress within the cells leading to damage that could cause oral diseases.

According to Irfan Rahman, how often you smoke, determines the level of damage to the oral cavity and gums. Nicotine which is also present in the E-cigarettes is known to cause gum disease. This type of cigarette is growing rapidly among the youths and former cigarette smokers. The mentality is that E-Cigarettes are safer. But according to Irfan Rahman, this is far from the truth. So, before you take that puff, read on this research, published by Oncotarget. Their publishers are thorough and respected. Therefore they just might save your health. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.