NexBank received its charter in 1934 subjecting it to the State Law of Texas and regulatory oversight. It is currently located in Dallas. Among the services that it offers include real-estate, insurance, wealth management and banking services. It is a part of Capital Inc. which provides financial services to its clients. It was a proud sponsor of the Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Luncheon which took place at Hilton Anatole Hotel last year October. Through a Contribution of $100,000, NexBank ensured their support for women’s economic resilience. This foundation promotes equal opportunities for all women regardless of their age and status.

Under the leadership of James Dondero who is the co-founder and CEO of NexBank Capital Inc., NexBank offers world-class services to its clients due to their wide range of professionals. The company shows its appreciation to their staff on a regular basis for their diligence in making NexBank a success. IT is the only regional bank in Dallas and 11th largest bank in Texas.

Its parent company, Capital Inc., announced the acquisition of Barrier advisors in 2006. Barrier Advisors used to be regarded as a nation-wide financial consultancy firm. It also incorporated NexBank Securities to break the firm’s crucial deals. With the addition of these two sectors, the client base receives exceptional and adequate services and unlimited access to the bank’s resources. With assets worth $8.4 billion, NexBank has a loan limit of $137 million.

In December 2015, NexBank acquired the College Savings Bank of Princeton. It aimed to help their client’s families and was also an opportunity to expand their industry. During the press conference, the CEO insisted that College bank would retain the name, branding and its employees. He did not, however, expose other details of their agreement.

Some of the achievements that the company has attained include being ranked first nationally by the Bank Director Growth Leaders Ranking and fifth by the ICBA Independent Banker Magazine. It also acquired a perfect score of 300 in the IDC Financial Publishing, Inc.

From the time of NexBank’s growth, it has seen a significant rise in the number of employees to a remarkable 88 in Texas only.

Fortress Investment Group: Setting Industry Standards For Asset And Investment Management

Because of the brilliant development that the company has experienced, Fortress Investment Group has come forward to be one of the top alternative asset and investment management firms in the entire world. The company first came into existence in 1998 and since then has experienced a number of developments that have improved the quality of work that is being done. The company has emerged as one of the leading investment firms, not only because of their approach to investments but also because of the rapid development that the company has gone through over the years. Being led by some of the most notable names in the business has impacted the company in a positive way and has helped them implement a number of improvements that have changed the company for the better.Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has adopted new policies that other companies of its kind haven’t.

One of the most significant changes that the company made was when the leaders decided to take the company public and present it on the New York Stock Exchange. Before this, the company decided to take on this route, no other asset management or investment company had operated in this manner. Because they would be the first to do so, Fortress Investment Group’s leaders saw this as a brilliant opportunity to take on. After Fortress Investment Group decided to take on this opportunity, more and more people began following in their footsteps. Even though not, many investment and asset management companies have made their appearance on the NYSE, Fortress Investment Group will forever be known as the first company of its kind to do so.When Fortress Investment Group came into existence, its founders only dreamt of having a company that stood tall as one of the biggest of its kind.

Fortress Investment Group was founded by a group of investors and financialists who were known to be some of the best in their field. These financialists each had a dream of starting up their own company and decided to come on together to be able to achieve their goal of leading an investment and asset management firm.A lot of the reasons why Fortress Investment Group has emerged as such a well-known name in the industry is because of the clients that it has served through the course of its career. Because of this work that the company has done, they have gone on to win several awards and facilitation. One of the more popular awards that Fortress Investment Group won was the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year Award. This award was given to them by Institutional Investor for the work that they had done in 2014. Another award that the company was given in the same year was the Management Firm of the Year Award which was given to them by HFM Week. Over the years, Fortress Investment Group has managed to amass a brilliant portfolio of the companies that they have worked with. Some of the more well-known names that Fortress Investment Group has worked with include Intrawest and Rail America.

Southridge Capital: Partnering with Elite Data Services Inc.

Southridge Capital is a holding company which has diversified investments and holdings. The financial firm is also specializing in performing direct investments and advising small and middle size companies regarding their business plans to become successful. The company is actively participating in financial transactions in the small and middle market and has been instrumental in the success of entrepreneurs in the small and middle market. The company has been investing in a lot of investment options since 1996, and the financial department of the company even invested more than $1.8 billion for the growth of companies around the world which have forged partnerships with Southridge Capital. The financial firm is proud of their expertise in managing finances, and they are also encouraging their clients to submit their financial plans to them so that they could act on it and make it a reality. Southridge Capital managed to encourage a lot of prospective clients through the years because of how they are showing their sincerity in helping them succeed. Check out citybizlist to see more.

Recently, Stephen Hicks, the chairman and chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, stated that one of the institutional investors of the company has been in an equity purchase agreement with a tech company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Stephen Hicks described that the transaction between the Southridge Partners II LP and Elite Data Services Inc. would help Southridge Capital to grow further. He expressed his delight after the transaction, stating that investing in tech companies like Elite Data Services Inc. would end up becoming beneficial for the company. Stephen Hicks also revealed that the Elite Data Services Inc. is offering them innovative products and services as a part of the transaction, and he expressed his gratitude to them for the kind gesture. You can visit their website

The Elite Data Services Inc. is one of the leading tech companies in Texas, and they are known for creating software and applications that cater to the financial industry. These software and applications are used to advertise and market some of their assets, and through the use of their technology, it manages to create revenue for a huge variety of industries. Stephen Hicks stated that being a partner with Elite Data Services Inc. would help them deliver what they promised to their clients.

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