How Kate Hudson Made Fabletics Successful

When it comes to celebrity-owned businesses, usually their celebrity is what sells. Most of the reviews about their products are either sponsored or honestly brutal; describing the product as “not worth it”. In Kate Hudson’s case, Fabletics seems to be holding up to criticisms.

Kate Hudson did and continues doing what many find near impossible. She’s found a way around Amazon’s control of the fashion e-commerce market. Fabletics is now a $250 million company and continues growing. In the three years since its founding, Fabletics has become a global success. Customers have responded well to Fabletic’s focus on members.

It’s that kind of customer-appreciation that makes Fabletics a high-value brand. Historically, high-value brands had good prices and quality goods. That was enough for any company to succeed; as long as people were buying. These days, consumers care more about how far companies are willing to go to satisfy them.

That’s where most companies fall short. It’s not that they don’t satisfy customers; it’s that other companies offer more features. Fabletics has no problem meeting every challenge. Recently, they’ve experienced such online success; they’ve begun opening physical stores. That’s a route that many e-commerce companies dare not go.

The main reason it’s so hard succeeding with physical stores is the new trend of buying online. The online shopping world offers nearly everything people want at cheaper prices. For some companies, it’s not worth it to open physicals stores knowing that people probably won’t buy anything when they’re in the store.

Fabletics figured out a way to use people’s browsing habits to their favor. By hosting events and other activities, Fabletics welcomes people to their stores to see all their products. These events are also a way for Fabletics to get to know the local markets so that they can stock each store with items that locals are more likely to purchase.

Fabletic’s greatest accomplishment is creating worth-it products. According to one non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics surprised her. She bought a pair of leggings from Fabletics and found that the quality was just as good as her Lululemon’s.

She was also surprised by the huge selection of stylish outfits. If anyone wants to see what fantastic styles Fabletics has to offer, they can take one of Fabletic’s lifestyle quizzes.

How Fabletics’ Reverse Showroom Resonates with Consumers

One of the most fascinating things behind the story of the incredibly fast launch to success of Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics is the science behind how the brand cultivated a loyal tribe of repeat users so rapidly in such a short period of time. Consumers that participate in Fabletics’ monthly subscription package are fiercely passionate about the brand. They post outfits on their blogs and social media accounts and share via word of mouth with nearly anyone that has a compliment for one of their fashionable outfits from the Fabletics line.


In just three short years the company has grown from a moderate startup to a brand generating over $250 million in sales that is known globally for providing some of the most fashionable, top-notch quality “athleisure” wear available on the market today. Fabletics has become one of the best in the biz and sales stack up nicely against brands that have owned large chunks of the athletic wear market for years. The company is even vying against Amazon for online market share.


One of the greatest consumer draws, other than the quality and style of the pieces themselves, is a technique they utilize called the “reverse showroom.” Many companies deploy typical “showroom” or store techniques, where potential customers visit physical stores, troll through aisles of merchandise and likely go home and buy the exact apparel they were looking online from a discounted wholesaler. By launching a reverse showroom for the customers from the beginning, Fabletics has created a personalized shopping experience that can be easily and efficiently done from a phone or computer, whenever the consumer has time. Fabletics website uses a simple lifestyle quiz to build a user profile for each specific person – what trends do they like? What kind of exercise do they do? etc. The quiz is quick and if you want to learn what your “athleisure” style is, take a few minutes and try the quiz!


Fabletics has become a keystone in the world of athletic wear. Bloggers and online publications across the globe are highlighting their positive reactions to the brand. For example, a recent blog post by popular blogger of A Foodie Stays Fit showcased the pieces she received in her Fabletics package with a highly positive response to both the style and the great quality of each piece she received. The also noted the specific trends that Fabletics sent to her and noted that the leggings she received held up extremely well. If you are on the fence about joining the Fabletics bandwagon, you can read her unsponsored review here: A foodie Stays Fit