Women will jump through nearly any hoop for beautiful hair. So that would mean of course, that the first priority of lovely locks is keeping them clean.


The more lather the better right? You know you have a great shampoo if a little dab produces enough lather to wash your hair, your shower stall, and the bathroom floor. Well hold the phone! That’s not necessarily true ladies. According to, the sodium sulfates it takes to make that lather happen strips the natural oils out of your hair. Not good.
However, do not panic! Chaz Dean has come up with a brilliant solution! Wen by Chaz is THE unique, one of a kind product line that loves your hair every bit as much as you do. Good for every type and texture of hair. How WEN led the way for the no-lather hair care trend? Formulated from just a few simple ingredients that cleanse and soften your hair to a level you have never experienced before! A softness, shine, and scent that is addictive!
And FYI says Wikipedia, Wen products are never tested on animals. Each bottled is produced to meet Wen’s extremely high standard of quality and is completely safe. All Wen products are manufactured in the United States and in Canada. Wen is so confident you will love, love, love their products that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Even if you send back all empty bottles, you can keep the free gifts and get full refund. Who does that?
Wen not only comes in a variety of alluring scents, but have convinced women, after only one use of it’s unique ability to change the way their hair looks and feels. There are so few beauty products that can make any kind of a positive impact after only one use. Wen is a no brainer. The calm zen of Wen is a Win. Visit the official website at

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Jason Hope Sees A Brighter Future For All

There are few individuals out there today with a dedication to anti-aging like Jason Hope. Since becoming a success in the business world, Jason Hope has been dedicated to philanthropy, helping out as many causes as he can all over the world, but especially in his local community.

In 2010, Jason became the largest supporter of the SENS Research Foundation by donating a sum of 500 thousand dollars to support ongoing research. This was also Jason’s biggest donation to a philanthropic organization to date. Jason is looking towards the prevention of diseases through anti-aging methods, rather than treatments that will continually cost people a great deal of money.

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There are many worthy organizations out there doing good things, but Jason chose the SENS Foundation because they are at the forefront of the biotech industry in terms of anti-aging developments. They are actively seeking different methods to aid the body to fight against degenerative diseases, whether it is through regenerative medicine or by eliminating the main causes entirely. Some of the major diseases that the SENS Foundation aims to fight include Arthritis, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Osteoporosis, and various others. With the donations that Jason Hope has provided to the SENS Foundation, they have been able to extend and enhance their research while also building a dedicated laboratory at Cambridge University for researching.

For the past decade or so, Jason Hope has been highly focused on philanthropy and working with the community to make the world a better place. He is active in many different areas to give his own feedback and advice in all things technological and finances. Originally born in Arizona, Jason Hope has dedicated his life to working with charitable organizations all over the country, including the Mark Wahlberg Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Teach for American, and many others over the years.