Real Estate Investor And Poker Player Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci has earned millions for his investments in real estate over the years, but he is also a professional poker player at the same time. It may seem like these two professions are quite different from one another, but they actually take many of the same skills. They also require investments before any hope of return, which is all dependant on the person’s skills. Nick Vertucci has managed to do well in both real estate and poker because they have both bolstered the skills he requires to be successful. One of the main skills that are needed for both professions is being able to bluff and catching a bluff. In real estate, this translates to understanding when to negotiate and for how much.

One of the major reasons behind Nick’s success in life is the difficulty he faced while growing up. Nick’s family wasn’t very well to do and to make things worse, his father passed away while he was a teenager. By the time he was just 18 years old, Nick Vertucci was the proud owner of his very own business selling computer partners throughout the area. This success of his was rather short-lived because he ended up losing everything when the financial crisis hit in 2000, forcing Nick to start over. This was when Nick Vertucci started getting into real estate. According to Nick Vertucci, his poker career helped him learn many valuable lessons that prepared him for real estate and took him to the next level.

Many of the skills that Nick has learned in poker have helped him be a better real estate investor. One of the most notable of these skills is emotional control, to keep his game face on at all times. Although Nick is talented in poker and actively plays, he doesn’t have the time to truly go pro because he has other endeavors that occupy his time. Nick is also regularly working to help others on their journey to becoming entrepreneurs, which is time-consuming work.

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