End Citizen’s United – the Super PAC that wants to empower individuals and save Democracy

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States reached a significant decision with their Citizens United ruling. This ruling expanded the idea of “corporate personhood”, allowing corporations to spend secretly and with few limitations on political campaigns, their donations being legally seen as freedom of speech transactions. Citizens United was a Republican action group that financed a film that attacked 2008 Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. This fight between U.S. political parties and federal regulatory groups like the FEC played out in the highest court and resulted in the controversial Citizens United decision. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

The blog xrepublic.net tells the origins of the Citizens United decision, its political ramifications and the public opposition, specifically surrounding the group, End Citizens United. Expanding upon our knowledge of the Citizens United decision, this resource details a more about the groups campaign and the people involved within it. We are introduced to the leadership of End Citizens United such as groups President, Tiffany Muller. Ms. Muller reflects the typical End Citizens United member and organizer, having served as a chief of staff for two federal Congressional members and as political director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

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End Citizens United is a Super PAC. Often maligned, the Super Pac organizational structure is a large political action group that pools resources for targeted campaigns that advocate and push for specific political goals. Though PAC’s receive critique for unfairly effecting political outcomes, this Super PAC to bolster democracy and further engage the public in the political process. Functioning much like the election campaigns of Barack Obama and before him Howard Dean, the PAC takes only small donor donations and seeks to empower and engage its base in a common cause of the goals of the PAC and the broader goals of building freer and fairer elections. The blog at xRepublic.net details just how the Citizens United can be overturned it will be public pressure and the work of a group like End Citizens United that will be crucial in the effort. View the group’s profile on Politifact.com.

Training Your Brain with Neurocore

EEGs, or as they’re more commonly known as electroencephalograms, is a test that uses electrodes to pick up electrical impulses in the brain and transmit them into a display of wavy lines. These lines are then used to diagnose and treat brain disorders like anxiety and depression, among other mental maladies such as stroke and epilepsy.

Brain mapping or quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) does not record the electrical impulses or brain waves. Instead it uses algorithms from a computer and statistics to compare records between age and gender controlled individuals and databases. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

Which then allows doctors to create a map of the brain, which is then use to direct a patient’s mental treatment or as a guide for a person to optimize their brain function.

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Neurofeedback is using brainwaves to teach the brain to self-regulate by using repetition, practice, and positive reinforcement to improve function and minimize dysfunction.

The brain training centers in Boca Raton uses these three methods to create a treatment plan for patients. Then they use a method called heartrate variability (HRV) training, which is using therapeutic breathing exercises while simultaneously retraining ones subconscious. The highly anticipated goal of the centers is to eradicate mental disorders and maladies without the use of chemical based medication.

The Neurocore Brain training centers in Boca Raton Florida were founded in 2004 and have since then, according to the article Neurocore: An Abridged History of Applied Neurofeedback, has been using the latest in applied neuroscience and technology to provide data-driven, brain-based assessments and training to adults and children. The training is meant to improve mental acuity, sleep disorders, stress management. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The human brain is one of the most complex machines on Earth. It is the source of every person’s thoughts, perceptions, behaviors, emotions, and the command center for every bodily function and yet there is a lot about the brain that is still a mystery. So finding the solutions on how to fix the imbalances that occur can be tricky. Fortunately, scientists have been getting closer and closer to uncovering these mysteries with the continual advancements in EEG technology, brain-mapping, and Neurofeedback.

Meet Peter Briger, the Pillar of Fortress Investments Success

Peter Briger is the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress investment group is one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers.

He joined the investment management firm in 2002 and he has played a major role in the firm’s purchase by a Japanese firm. Briger’s responsibilities at Fortress includes overseeing the firm’s credit business. He leads a team of 300 people that is responsible for illiquid credit investments as well as undervalued assets and distressed.

Formally, he worked with Goldman Sachs & Co for 15 years. His earlier career achievement includes becoming a partner in the Goldman Sachs in 1996. While in Goldman Sachs, he was a member of Asian Management committee, the Japanese executive committees as well as Global Control and Compliance committee. He specifically concentrated on the real estate as well as automotive. Moreover, he served several executive positions in the company including Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business as the group (co-head), the Special Opportunities Fund LLC (also as a co-leader), the Asian Distressed Debt Business (co-leader), the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group (co-leader) as well as in the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business (co-leader). This played a major role in preparing him for his responsibilities at Fortress.

He has managed to build a successful career and accumulate enough wealth to be featured in Forbes’s billionaire list. He ranks number 407 in the prestigious billionaire list. Being a self-made billionaire, there is so much to be said about his career and professional achievements. He is an elite finance professional that saw him appear in the Forbes’s top 400 business professionals’ list in the whole world.

Not only is Peter Briger a member of Princeton University Investment Company but also supporter of Central Park Conservancy. The financial support to the institution is among other ventures he has indulged into to support entrepreneurship.

Apart from his career, he also involves himself in charitable and giving back to the community activities. He gives financial support to non-profit organizations such as Tipping Point which endeavors to elevate the lives of low-income families in San Francisco. Away from that, he is a member of the board of Caliber Schools which is a chain of charter schools.

Peter Briger graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts from Princeton University as well as a Masters’ degree in Business Administration from the popular University of Pennsylvania.

Armed with a strong education background and extensive finance experience, Peter Briger makes the leadership of Fortress Investment Group strong.