Todd Lubar recounts his entrepreneurial journey revealing his secrets of success

The President of Real Estate and Financial Services Firm TDL Global Ventures Mr. Todd Lubar did an interview with an online publication explaining his entrepreneurial journey and what makes him tick in the business world. Mr. Lubar said he highly regards the experience he got from the various posts he served at different business organizations because he learnt valuable business skills on how to deal with different stakeholders including customers, insurance agents, financial planners and even real estate agents as they currently form his biggest referral business partners adding that this is how he landed his first ever sale. Apart from referrals, another marketing strategy that Mr. Lubar deploys in his business in a conscious and deliberate effort of attracting even more customers is the use specialized search engines whose main forte is in the real estate space where customers throng when looking for a home to buy. For more details visit Crunchbase.

He says that there are challenges that one encounters when they choose to be career business people. For him the fact that he has to choose between spending quality time with his family or flying out on a business trip to make sure he closes a certain lucrative deal poses a real challenge. However, Mr. Lubar says he drives a lot of satisfaction whenever he helps his customers build their businesses from the ground up and seeing the businesses succeed in the marketplace motivates him to keep waking up every morning and continue doing what he does best which is helping people achieve their dreams wildest dreams in life. Check out to see more.

Mr. Lubar attributes his success in business to his ever burning desire to succeed hence whatever small setbacks that might come on his way cannot sway him from his dreams. This is why he works very hard while at the same time paying a lot of attention to every single detail in a conscious and deliberate effort of making the best possible decision in any given situation. He also believes his business model will stay relevant to the foreseeable future as long as there are people who want to get out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams.

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Sentient AI – A/B Testing

Sentient’s Ascend is revolutionizing the work that web developers need to do when modifying online businesses. Website optimization is a steady process that requires trial and error. Traditional A/B testing allows for only one idea to be tested at a time therefore optimizing your web presence can become quite tedious the further you get into it. The rate of success hovers around 16 to 25 percent per idea that you test so your odds of increasing your conversion manually is pretty low. The online business owner’s main concern is making sure they turn a profit with their product! Worrying about the structure of their website and the way it interacts is a total distraction which takes away from the business’ bottom line.

Sentient Ascend is transforming the menial labor of A/B testing into an automated system that will exponentially increase the efficiency of any e-commerce that is intuitive enough to implement the tool into their system. Sentient users are seeing double-digit conversion increases! This is in part due to their new ability to test all of their ideas at once instead of testing them one at a time.

Another reason for this is the ingenuity behind Sentient Ascend. It uses a branch of artificial intelligence known as evolutionary algorithms. Put simply, it finds the best designs from all of your ideas! It learns, adapts, and reacts to user interactions consequently finding the best performing designs quickly and efficiently. Over time Ascend uses this data to do away with the ideas that convert into stagnant or negative results. This system brings your best ideas to the forefront and makes continuous optimization a reality! Ascend also automates full funnel testing. This means you spend more time coming up with ideas because Sentient’s AI is designed to automate the rest.