Securus Technologies Finally Releases The Long Anticipated Wireless Containment Systems Program

Approximately two years ago, Securus Technologies put all of their future projects on hold to work on their Wireless Containment Systems program. The Wireless Containment Systems program is an internal technological advancement to prevent inmates from using cell phones.


Securus Technologies was shocked when they discovered that seven out of ten inmates has a cell phone. This was made known to them by an ex-prison worker, Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson worked at a prison near Atlanta, Georgia. His job in the prison was to confiscate electronic communication devices found in jail cells. Mr. Johnson confiscated at least 15 different electronic communication devices every day.


One day, while Robert Johnson was enjoying his day off, a man entered his home and shot him 10 times. Robert Johnson was initially labeled as a D.O.A., but he was able to be revived. During the investigation, Robert was informed that an inmate from used a cell phone to organize the attack. From that moment on, Robert Johnson has been at war against inmates with cell phones.


Robert Johnson is helping Securus Technologies by spreading the word about the Wireless Containment Systems program. In a recent live demonstration for several government officials of various U.S. states, Securus Technologies displayed how this technology works. As an inmate tried to use a cell phone. The cell phone signal was secretly connected to Securus’ phone network, and the inmate was unable to make the call.


Securus Technologies plans on installing this service in every prison throughout America. Since Securus does not want other prison workers to experience what Robert Johnson experienced, Securus is provided their Wireless Containment Systems program for free. Securus Technologies hopes government officials take advantage of this. Many people in all 50 states are starting to write letters to the government asking them to install this service in the prison facilities.