Development Opportunities Presented by the Annual Latin American Forum

The CG/LA Forum is one among the many annual leadership seminars that are held around the world. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the event is one of the best in terms of structure and organizational planning on In terms of expectation, the gathering brings in investors whose financial capacity present high prospects.

Features that make the Latin America Leadership Forum One of the Best

Structurally speaking, the SEO personnel involved are well versed with every aspect and scope of the forum. Their understanding and knowledge of the infrastructure and policies enable them write good articles that persuade investors to see the opportunity in the development projects.

Further, the CG/LA seminar has an elaborate format. That goes without saying; all events and sub gatherings are held at the same venue. Having such a setting mitigates cases of delegates missing out on vital meetings on In addition, that brings an opportune moment for constructive interaction where delegates understand the general ideas of the participating institutions.

Although their attendance is repeated, Felipe Jens says; increased familiarity breeds the perfect opportunity to build strong relationships at It is not necessary that they invest directly into the infrastructure development projects, but, eventually, they will consume the financial products presented to the market.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Jens went to Getulio Vargas Foundation where he was able to pursue an undergraduate degree course in Business Administration. Later on, he went ahead and received a master’s degree certificate from the Thunderbird School of International Business Management. His education allowed him to fledge into a polished financial officer.

During his career, Felipe Montoro Jens has worked at different managerial levels including; strategic planning, controlling, corporate, and project funding boards. His expertise earned him a deserved position as head of project development and planned finance division in Terna Company. At Enron, Felipe Montoro Jens worked in the department of international planned finance and as an audit consultant at Price Water House Coopers Company.

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