Securus Challenges GTL to a Products and Services’ Face-Off

Securus Technologies is a market leader in the provision of technological solutions to the US criminal justice system. It has challenged its main competitor is the sector, GTL, to a technology face-off. Securus wants an independent assessment of the technologies offered by it and GTL to determine the best services provider.

Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus, accused GTL of spinning facts by claiming that their services were as good as those of Securus. He said that it was not fair for GTL to compare its services to those of Securus since the firm had invested over $700 million in improving its services. In comparison, GTL had only made a small fraction of that investment.

According to Smith, Securus is better than GTL on many fronts. For instance, the product set offered by Securus is quite large compared to that of GTL. Besides that, GTL has previously indicated that most of its customer service is outsourced. It is in stark contrast to Securus since the company’s customer service is wholly domestic.

In a test, Securus found that its customer service was 600% better than that of GTL. Another reason why Securus thinks it is better than GTL is that it does not outsource its field technicians like GTL does. An outsourced GTL technician may not have a vested interest in ensuring customer satisfaction like those working for Securus.

An area where Securus is an undisputed leader in is the use of VOIP services. It currently has the largest VOIP platform in the world. The platform is prone to routine upgrades, which enables distribution of services to customers at a lower cost and faster than GTL platforms. The CEO of Securus also said that proof of his company’s quality could be found in customer responses. Customers stated that they found Securus services to be superior to those of GTL.